Best VPN to Go Anonymously and Free on the internet

The VPN (virtual private network) or virtual private networks, to navigate anonymously and free on the internet, especially in a world where the Internet tracking technologies are improving exponential way. A large number of online services are reserved for the inhabitants of a certain geographical area.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) block certain web pages they find unsuitable for subscribers. You will probably be faced with this situation, which becomes boring especially when it comes to a restriction on your favorite youtube channel . Fortunately for you, we made the selection of the best vpn which are famous for their anonymity on the internet . Some even allow you to go free on the internet whatever the barriers that your operators put in place to avoid this.

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Summary of the usefulness of vpn

Your data is secure because your connection is encrypted (banking data, private conversation …)
Break the blockages of your ISP
– Unlimited access VOIp call applications abroad
– Access to web pages and services reserved for certain areas of the planet
– Pass the firewalls of ISPs to go for free on the internet
– Bypass the connection clamping
And many other features, which you will certainly discover if you become familiar with the use of vpn.


List of the best vpn classified in two categories: anonymity and free internet access.

– Top 3 anonymous vpn

1 – VIP72

Stay anonymous on the internet

For us it is the best that can exist at the time of writing this publication. The reasons are:
– A large catalog of powerful sockets and proxy servers
– Overlay of more than 139 countries around the world, the probabilities for your country to be listed are high.
– The use of the best technologies that guarantee your anonymity even for specialized tracking services.
– They have servers spread to the four corners of the world
– They manage all types of internet protocol

Another reason we rank this vpn in first place comes from personal experience.
When I was still on the dark side, so when I was conducting illegal activities on the internet, I was looking for a vpn that could allow me to sell certain products in major French sales sites as a paruvendu. My colleagues had tested the best vpn without success, because access to this site was really secure. I took a 1 month membership at vpn72, I assure you that I was the happiest man, and I could take my head with my friends. I do not have any affiliation with these people, so I rightly sell their services. Even price access requires registration because this community is really closed. Fortunately for you, I made the screenshot of the prices under the picture above. 2- HMA (Hyde My Ass) Pro Vpn

The main asset of this vpn is in its relatively affordable prices. In addition this vpn is used by thousands of people around the world, which is a proof of quality and user satisfaction. Like vpn72, hide my ass vpn has a client version or a pc application that you can install directly. The user interface is very simple and user-friendly, you can see it under the image below.

Vpn cheaper


Available in 60 countries, and based in the United States, ipvanish has over 43,000 ip addresses and 500 servers. What more, when you know that this vpn is ranked number 1 in the US. I am sure that your feedback will be positive, rest assured.

Vpn for free internet access

As we explained at the beginning of this tutorial, another advantage of virtual private networks is the possibility of free Internet access at some Internet service providers. Let’s see without delay the best vpn this category.

– Your-Freedom

It is the most popular free surfing software in the world, it aims to break the majority of security protocols used by GSM mobile operators. The free registration entitles you to 100 mb of internet data per day, to remove this limit, you will have to opt for a premium account at a few dollars a year.

– Psiphon handler in Android and PC version If you are used to free surfing and you are constantly visiting this site, then you have probably used one of our tips to connect to the internet with Psiphon.

– DroidVpn and Marvel vpn 

Vpn reinvented for users of the android platform . I urge you to try these vpn at your mobile operators if they use gsm technology. There are other vpn of the same family, like troidvpn or Guru tunel.

One last note to finish, you can manually configure a vpn on any computer. It is strongly recommended, especially when you work outside your home, not to install each time a program or a client on all the pc that meet. The video below also shows how to create a vpn connection under windows.

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